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WordPress Easy(WPEasy) – Dreamweaver C5 Extension

WPEasy is a Dreamweaver extension that will help WordPress Theme developers to do it faster.

This is the first version of plugin. But I will be adding much more over time.

WPEasy CodeHint On Action

Download: Here

Now Supports Codehints for WordPress in Dreamweaver code view

How To Use?

  1. Download the Plugin from the link provided above
  2. Install it using Adobe Extensions Manager
    • Open from Dreamweaver itself: Got To: Help>Manage Extensions
    • Install The Extension. Hit Install Button on top, point the “easy-wp.mxp” file you downloaded earlier.
      install-dreamweaver extension
  3. After installation is complete, You would fine new menu item (labelled “EasyWP“) on your Dreamweaver usually just before “Help” menu bar

NOTE: Please request more features if you want them through the comments below.

They said Coding is fun, but making it easy is cool!

Happy WordPress Coding